Generating Event level Traces in Oracle Applications

We have seen how the event traces can be generated for a database user session using Oracle Trace Utility. Now what if we need to generate the trace for some application user (either Apps 11i or E-business suite R12). In this case when a user connects to an application its very difficult to track the session.

For this reason we have a profile option, which can be set to generate trace file for any event we want within the application.

Follow the below steps for enabling the event level tracing within an application.

1) Login to application and go to “System Administrator” responsibility.

2) Navigate to “Profile -> System”

3) In the user field, enter the name of user you want to enable tracing for. This will be your application user.

4) On the profile search screen search for “Initialization SQL Statement – Custom” profile.

5) When the profile is shown you can set the value as

begin fnd_ctl.fnd_sess_ctl(”,”,’TRUE’,’TRUE’,’LOG’,’ALTER SESSION SET EVENTS=”10046 TRACE NAME CONTEXT FOREVER, LEVEL 12” tracefile_identifier=”AppsTrace_10046”’); end;

All the quotes are single quote here. You can just copy and paste the profile value.


7) In another browser window, login as the user you are going to trace and prepare to reproduce the problem

8 ) Once you are ready to reproduce the problem, go back to the Applications Forms and Save the profile change

9) Reproduce the problem

10) Back in the Applications form, set profile to null so it does not trace anymore and Save the change

11) The trace will be located in the user_dump_dest. The trace can be identified using the trace identifier we have set – “AppsTrace_10046”. If you have set some different identifier, then you can search using that key word.

Hope this helps !!