Problem Statement
Error Messages:
CSTPACIN.COST_INV_TXN: (70): ORA-20100: File o0086078.tmp creation for FND_FILE failed. You will find more information on the cause of the error in request logSolution
In this case we need to check following 3 things

1) Check the UTL file parameter in DB side. Compare it with the APPLPTMP parameter on application side. Both this should match.

2) The file path mentioned in these 2 parameters should contain the space and permissions.

3) Check also the parameter APPLTMP

Please note that, following parameters should be in synch.


Set the same path correctly for all these variables in context file (APPL_TOP/admin/.xml) and run autoconfig. This will resolve the issue.


3 thoughts on “ORA-20100:

  1. We have installed Rel. 12 in a 2-node architecture. Database running on HP-UX, application tier(including concurrent manager) running on Red Hat Linux AS 4.0

    In majority of the appilcation modules, we are getting FND_FILE tmp file creation error

    We have APPLPTMP variable on the application tier set to match the entry in the UTL_FILE_DIR

    APPLPTMP is points to an NFS mounted directory accessible to both db and application tiers and has RW privelege for the group (dba)

    Are there any considerations in implementing this solution

  2. Hi Hari,

    You can check the following steps

    1) The path for UTL_FILE_DIR, APPLPTMP and APPLTMP should be same. If you are using nfs in one variable and not in other, make sure you use nfs in either all variables or not to use it. I will advice to use nfs in all variables.
    2) Check the directory permissions of the directory. I will advice to give 777 permissions, since those are the output files and log file, so no issues in giving full permissions.
    3) Make sure you can create file with appmgr user at that location.
    4) Make sure the disk has sufficient space.

    Let me know if the issue still persists.


    Advait Deo

  3. All the checks mentioned were already in place.
    We have a 2-node architecture (database on a separate server and all other components on a second server)
    Reason for the error: Database was started without sourcing applications profile.
    Resolution: Database was started using Oracle supplied startup scripts on the database tier after sourcing the applications environment variables

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