Book on Oracle 12c New features

A Book on Oracle 12c New features for administrators

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It’s our pleasure to announce the availability of our first book – OCP 12c upgrade 1Z0-060 Exam Guide













The book covers the new features of the Oracle Database 12c for the DBAs from the OCP 12c upgrade exam standpoint. Book is available WW in kindle format as well as paperback.

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This book covers all the new features of Oracle database. So, if you want to upgrade your knowledge on Oracle 12c, this book certainly serves the purpose. And it is the most ideal book for DBAs aspiring for OCP 12c certification.

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Following are the objectives of the chapters covered in this book, and the objectives are completely in line with the Oracle Database 12c Exam syllabus.

Section 1 – Oracle 12c new features

Chapter 1Getting Started with Oracle 12c – This chapter introduces some of the new features related to installation and configuration of Oracle 12c including database express.
Chapter 2Multitenant Container Database (CDB) Architecture – This chapter introduces you to Oracle 12c multitenant architecture. It covers different components of multitenant architecture, how to create and configure multitenant database and different ways to create pluggable database PDB.
Chapter 3Managing CDBs and PDBs – This chapter covers establishing connection to container database and pluggable database. Performing general administration tasks and managing tablespace, users, roles and privileges in CDB and PDBs etc.
Chapter 4Information Life Cycle Management and Storage Enhancements – This chapter introduces you to information life cycle management in Oracle 12c and how this has been remarkably automated in Oracle 12c.
Chapter 5Auditing, Privileges and Data Redaction – Like the title says, this chapter covers the new unified auditing feature of Oracle 12c along with new privilege analysis tool and finally new data redaction feature.
Chapter 6Database Tuning and Troubleshooting – In this chapter we will learn about new features related to performance tuning. This covers the new optimizer for Oracle 12c and includes explaination of new features like adaptive SQL plans, Dynamic statistics and SQL plan directives. We will also see some improvements related to statistics gathering followed by enhancements to histogram.
Chapter 7Backup and Flashback – This chapter covers backup and recovery scenarios and how multitenant architecture affect these scenarios. We are also going to look into some of the RMAN enhancements in Oracle 12c followed by table restore and recovery using simple RMAN command
Chapter 8Database Administration Enhancements – In this chapter we are going to look into resource manager and how it will work with Oracle 12c multitenant database.
Chapter 9Miscellaneous New Features – This chapter bundles the other new features introduced in Oracle 12c including enhancement related to Oracle data pump, SQL* Loader, online operations etc. It also provides new partitioning enhancements introduced in Oracle 12c and new top n SQL clauses in Oracle 12c.

Section 2 – General Administration

Chapter 10Core Administration – This chapter is more of a general administration and we are going to explain the fundamentals of database administration.
Chapter 11Performance Management – This chapter includes discussion about designing database for optimal performance, monitoring the performance of database to improve the same, analyze and identify performance issues and preforming real application testing to analyze the performance.
Chapter 12Storage – In this chapter we are going to introduce the logical and physical structure of database and how they are different. It also covers ASM and that can improve the storage management.
Chapter 13Security – This chapter covers developing and implementing robust security policy for Oracle database. Auditing the actions in Oracle database, creating password file and authenticating privileged users remotely using password file.

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Author – OCP 12c upgrade 1Z0-060 Exam Guide