Creating Oracle Home Inventory – Oracle Database 10g

Some times you clone an oracle home manually using OS level commands and this might cause problem in your existing inventory. Your new ORACLE_HOME will not be registered in your existing registry.

As far as running of database is concerned, we wont face any problem, trouble comes when in future you want to apply a patch to an oracle home which is not registered in inventory. The patch can be applied to an ORACLE_HOME with -no_inventory option, but then you wont have the record of patches applied to that ORACLE_HOME.

For such situation, you can register your new ORACLE_HOME manually to the existing inventory (or create a new inventory). Below is the command for the same.

cd $ORACLE_HOME/oui/bin 

./runInstaller -attachHome ORACLE_HOME=”/slot/ems1696/oracle/db/tech_st/11.1.0″ ORACLE_HOME_NAME=”Oracle11g_home1″ 

Here ORACLE_HOME will contain the complete path for ORACLE_HOME and  ORACLE_HOME_NAME will be the name you want to give for your ORACLE_HOME

Hope this helps !!