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I am specialized in Oracle Database (Version 9i. 10g, 11g) and in Oracle Applications (11.5.10, 11.5.10.CU2, R12). I also worked in internal tools development using Oracle Application Express. I am currently working with Amazon.com as Oracle Core DBA supporting production Oracle databases.

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of Oracle and its affiliates.


53 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Advait,
    Finding for RMAN concepts found ur blog, really cool “AD” & my self newB just started my Path towards fresh DBA ,2006passoutMCA.,Ur blog is very helfful to me !!

  2. Hi Advait,

    This site is really great. It is unique with respect to the technical inputs of the documents.

    All the best!

    S. Sundar

  3. Hi,
    you are really doing well with this website. I really appericaite your work this bolgs helps thousand of newbies like me to learn oracle. It would be even better it you post some of the oracle tweaks which helps a person to be good DBA. Once more thank you

    well done

    Best Regards

  4. Thank you for such in-depth guides for Oracle Identity Management (OID & OVD) & Access Manager and discussions about Oracle products! I greatly appreciate it! It helped me a lot since I’m really new to the Identity Management realm.

  5. Hi,
    This is first time I am giving my comments for some site.What more can I say to appreciate you.Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Advait,

    I have read your CACHE FUSION article, I was very happy after reading that. I am a beginner in RAC and wish learn and write RAC certification. I need your help. Can you please drop your mobile number to contact you regarding this. Awating for your reply. I have only your hope to take forward on this. Please help me out.

  7. Hi Advait,
    Hit your site when I was actually searching for an article on “Concepts of Hot backup” for a colleague.
    Though I had read Ramavelpuri’s book on B&R long time back, your explanation was cool and straight.
    Will definitely recommend your site to others. I have spent almost 10 yrs of my career in Prod DBA but did not have a chance to do RMAN, RAC, DATAGUARD, ASM as client environment did not require it. I think your site will be helpful for me to kickstart them.

    Hats off to your good work.
    After all, knowledge is at its best when it is shared. And you are doing exactly the same.


  8. I was looking forward to meet you at IDC Hyd Adavit but I came to know you have joined at Amazon. Bad luck for me but still, good luck for the future and hope some time can meet you.


    1. Hey Aman,

      Sorry we didnt meet. But if you are still in Hyd, please let me know and we can catch up. I wanted to meet you too.


      Advait Deo

      1. Oh you knew about me? NOW THAT’s TRULY AMAZING! Sure we shall make the “legend meets legend” meet ASAP πŸ˜‰ . Just kidding about me being legend πŸ™‚ .

        I don’t stay at Hyd Adavit. I come on and off there almost every month. In fact, I was there for two weeks in the past two weeks. Please forward me your contact no on the email that’s there in the comment and I shall let you know once next I shall be at Hyd. Hows that sounds?


  9. Hi Advit

    This Site is cool. i can find everything here itself…..
    Simply Rocking.

    keep Updating


  10. Hi Advait,

    This is Raj, your ex-colleague in Oracle.
    I found your site is one stop shop for Apps DBA.

    Thanks a lot for your time and the information.
    Hope your are doing well. All the very best.

  11. Hi,

    Nice technical presentation from you.

    Just wanted to check with you, is there a way to check the file system consumption current details (used, free) on the datafile resides on the server from dbms using any SELECT query.

    Want to avoid df -k and want to get details from the oracle. This way we can know details w/o connecting to the server from remote connection.

    – Pramod

  12. Hi Advait,

    I am from Jakarta Indonesia, I really like your website, wonderful..
    Well, good work.. appreciate… It is helpfull..
    Wish you all the best for your future life..
    Keep it up


  13. Hi Advai,

    Many thanks for your Blog. I have learnt alot about DataPump.
    Keep up the good work.


  14. Hi Advait! This is Swapnil Bhosale. Your blog looks extremely professional. Keep up the good work and I wish you all the best!

  15. Hi Advait,

    I am avid reader of your blogs and it do helps me in my knowledge and work..
    I seek your advice for an issue I am facing as given below:-

    We have an oracle instance on which 17 application runs and it has 17 different schemas for each application.
    Now by examining an AWR report for an identified timeframe, it is found one of those application schema is taking up much of the resources(CPU,Memory). My question to you–> can this affect the performance of other schemas as well for the reason one application schema is occupying more resources??

    Many Thanks,

  16. hey Advait nice blog it is really helpful……………
    can u please send the documents required for up-gradation from 11i to R12..
    in few days i need to start work on these documents so can u send it to may mail id ramkee.apps@gmail.com

  17. Hi Advait,

    This site is very informative. Thanks for explaining these concepts ins such a simple way. Keep posting.


  18. I got a nice understanding from creating the domains using wlst here….which i have not found n other sites……Thanks


  19. Hi Advait,

    I’m from china ,you blog is so helpful to my work ,thank you very munch for you work!

  20. Hi Advait,
    this site is very cool
    I have some queries to ask can you share your email address

  21. Dear Sir,

    I am student and want to learn oracle upgrade.
    I installed oracle software on VMWARE and create database.
    Can you help me how to get patch set or setup to upgrade from to higer version.
    I have not ant licence and this is only for learning pupose only not for commercial use.

    Can guide me how to get these things.


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