Changing SMTP port in Oracle Collabsuite 10g

Some times we encounter a situation where we need to change the SMTP E-mail port after OCS (Oracle Collabsuite) is installed. For example, you have installed collabsuite 10g with SMTP port as 30 and after installation requirement comes to change SMTP port to 25. In such situation you can follow below steps to make the changes.

Also if you are changing the port to 25, make sure to stop sendmail process as it uses port 25.

You can stop sendmail process using following steps

  • login to OCS host as root user
  • run following command

/sbin/services sendmail stop

  • Login to OCS host and go to apps side.
  • Source the instance by setting ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_SID etc.
  • go to $TNS_ADMIN and change ESSMI port from 30 to 25
  • Start oiadmin tool and navigate to following location

Entry Management -> OracleContext -> Services -> email -> VirtualServices -> smtp -> labeledUri

  • Change the port here from 30 to 25 and save. Exit oidadmin
  • Bounce LISTENER_ES

lsnrctl stop LISTENER_ES

lsnrctl start LISTENER_ES

  • Bounce all services of apps tier using opmnctl

opmnctl stopall

opmnctl startall

Hope this helps !!


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