Start/Stop LISTENER_ES as Oracle User in Oracle Collabsuite 10g


When we install Oracle Collabsuite 10g, we can administer all the services using oracle user (user who has installed Oracle Collabsuite 10g) except one service, which is LISTENER_ES.

LISTENER_ES is a apps side listener which is mainly responsible for bringing up SMTP and IMAP ports. All the ports for apps tier are defined in ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/listener.ora file present on apps side.

We always have to start LISTENER_ES as a root user and we cannot by default start this using oracle user. However, there is a way to enable start/stop using oracle user. This post explains the same.

Follow below steps to enable oracle to start/stop LISTENER_ES

  • Login to OCS host as root user
  • Go to apps tier and Source the environment using .env file
  • Stop the LISTENER_ES as root user using following command

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/tnslsnr LISTENER_ES stop &

  • As a root user run the below commands

chown root tnslsnr
chmod 6751 tnslsnr

  • Exit and login to OCS host as OH owner, source the instance on apps side using.env file and Start/stop the listener

lsnrctl start LISTENER_ES
lsnrctl stop LISTENER_ES

Hope this helps !!


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