Registering External Applicaition in SSO – Oracle Application Server 10g

External applications are those which are not deployed in you application server instance. Example is gmail application. You can access gmail accounts using Such applications can be registered as external application in our Oracle Application Server 10g instance and access to such application can be made through SSO.

I have tried registering gmail as external application and I can access gmail without providing username and password once I login into SSO of my application server.

Here are the steps to do the same.

1) Connect to orasso application using http://(hostname):(infra http port)/pls/orasso


login using orcladmin userID

2) Click on “SSO Server Administration”

3) Click on “Administer External Applications

4) Click on “Add External Application

On this page you have to provide following information

Application Name: Google Mail
Login URL:
User Name/ID Field Name: Email
Password Field Name: Passwd
Type of Authentication Used: POST

Here Application Name is any name that you can give.

Login URL you can find by going to in you browser and view -> Page Source. In this you can search for “action=” and you will get the URL. Put this URL in “Login URL” field.

For User Name/ID field, you can again view the source and seach for “Username“. You can put the name for this field in source file into User Name/ID field.

Note that name for Username field on gmail home page is “Email”. Also you have to put all other hidden attributes in “Additional Fields” section as given below.

Similarly, search for “Password” in the source page and put the name of Password field in “Password Field Name” in orasso page.

Once done, you can click on OK. You can see “Google Mail” link will appear in Edit/Delete External Application” section. You can now click on that link and it will ask you for you Gmail username and password, you can provide the same as given below.

If you check “Remember My Login Information For This Application”, then you wont be asked for Gmail username and password from next time. SSO will store these username and password in OID and when even you login to SSO and click on “Google Mail” in external application, you will be taken to your inbox, without logging into google mail.

Hope this help !!


16 thoughts on “Registering External Applicaition in SSO – Oracle Application Server 10g

  1. Could u tell me SSO store user name and password, How can I see this infor from OID?
    I tried under entry management, but canot see.


  2. Hi Advait,

    I used ur sample to connect gmail thru application server external application, first time we give username and password for gmail account. This username and password store in OID by SSO. When I checked OID I could’nt find my username and password for gmail account.
    Second time username and password are retrive from SSO, right? Actually where is the place this username and password storing?

    Second thing, could u help me to give steps for connect partner application thru application server.

    Or can u send me any document which help me for steps to connect partner application.


  3. Hi Advait,

    This is Hemanth, Altaaf’s friend, Its very good site for the people who is having thirst for knowledge.


  4. I registered G-Mail with Oracle sso as external appliation. If the user change the password in G-Mail then How to change the user’s password in OID?
    Anybody has any idea?

  5. hi all,

    i have tried to add exchange server 2003 as an external application to SSO. It works fine with 2007 but with 2003 … im struggling. Can anybdy help me…

  6. Hi
    I would like to secure the application (without username) which is running on WebLogic Server on a different machine than my OSSO 10.1.4. I have read about Partner application and External application. My application does not have any username and password all I want is to control the access of that webpage (application). If some one can shed some light please. I could not find any document which states that config setup.
    OSSO and Application (without any username and password) on Weblogic and still under control of OSSO. You can directly reply on
    Thanks in advance.

  7. Hi,

    We have LDAP stored on Oracle internet Directory (OID) to access Business Objects through SSO from the Oracle application server (OAS) portal. Its working fine in BOXIR2 but we need to upgrade to BOE3.1 and there is no option to deploy BOE war files on OAS.

    We do have a jsp custom code which took care of the SSO login from portal and carried the logon token to Business Objects link with the same credentials. Is there a way we have the same scenario working on Tomcat application server.

    Bottom line is login to OAS portal and click the link for Business Objects and it should take the user without login again in BO.

    I really appreciate your help and suggestions. Please send the response to my email.


  8. Hi, I was searching for more info abt 10gAS and found ur site.
    It’s awesome.

    I want to clear one thing about registering external app with Oracle AS. How can I register
    my external app with 10gAS, If i’m not orcladmin user? (not a privileged user)

    The example you provided here is only for orcladmin, who is a privileged user. When you log-into sso as a normal user, you won’t find “SSO Server Administration” link, which leads to register external app form.

    Kindly clarify my doubt

    Thank You in advance.
    Sundar K

  9. Hi,

    I had gone through your blog and tried with configuring gmail as an external application in SSO. But everytime it is pops up for entering password

    FYI : I am able to configure yahoo mail and it works fine.


  10. Hi Advait,

    I am unable to use gmail as an external application. but I am suspecting the following new parameter might be the issue.GLAX The value of GLAX is chaning every new session, can you please confirm or is there any otherway that we can use gmail as an external application in our oracle sso.

    I really appreciate if you can help me on this.

    Thanks and Regards,

  11. On Portal 11g, do you have any idea how to call this external application login page from say, java program? We see that the external application page is able to store and sign in on the user’s behalf. However, when the page is called from a java program, it doesn’t work. We keep getting the login page prompting the user to enter the userid and password though though it has been stored in the database.

    Any inputs / insights appreciated.


  12. hai..
    I am trying to integrate R12.1.3 instance with external appalication as applications server 10g
    still R12 login not authenticate and not bypassing ebs login page to ebs R12 home page.

    kindly help this issue.


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