Upgrading Jinitiator for Oracle Applications 11i

Oracle JInitiator is basically available on two streams of JDK for Oracle Applications 11i customers. One stream is based on Jinitiator version 1.1.8.X version and another stream is based on 1.3.1.X version. As JDK 1.1.8 has long been de-supported by Sun, Oracle will continue to provide critical updates to Jinitiator 1.1.8 through the de-support date for Release 11.0;

Oracle strongly recommends that Oracle Applications 11i customers move to the latest certified version of JInitiator 1.3.1.x. In some cases, migration to JInitiator 1.3.1.x requires additional technology upgrades.

Many a times you might face a situation where you need to upgrade your Jinitiator version to the latest version available. Also some times users are unable to open the forms. When they click on forms, system constantly ask for jinitiator upgrade, and even after upgrading the Jinititator system keeps on asking to install the same version again and again.

This happens because of fundamental reason — Your client system is not having correct version of Jinitiator then your application is at currently. Example the situation might be that your client PC is having a Jinitiator version of where as your application expects a Jinitiator version of In that case when you click on the forms window it will automatically ask you for installation of required Jinitiator version. But note that installation of required Jinitiator version is only one time job. Next time click on forms should open the forms window correctly.

Reason for asking to install Jinitiator repeatedly is that if your application system is not having a correct version of Jinitiator then it will prompt to install the highest available version with it. If this version happens to be lower version then the required then it will repeatedly as you to install the same Jinitiator version again and again.

This problem has two solutions. First solution is to download the correct version of Jinitiator manually and install in your client PC.

Another solution is to upgrade your Jinitiator version in application system. This will put the correct Jinit exe in your application which will be downloaded and installed first time when you click on forms. With proceeding clicks it will open up the forms correctly.

This post explains about upgrading Jinitiator version of your application system.

For more details, please refer to metalink note ID 124606.1.

Upgrading JInitiator for application system

For upgrading JInitiator version of your application, you need to apply 2 patches as given below depending on your Jinitiator current version.

JInitiator Version JInitiator Patch Interop Patch 6350285 6169479 6612584 6615232

In the JInitiator patch (6350285 or 6612584) , there will be jinit*.exe. You can extract this exe file by unzipping the patch.

Once the exe file is extracted, place the exe file at $COMMON_TOP/util/jinitiator/ directory. This is the place from where the jinitiator will be downloaded in your local client PC.

After placing the exe, apply the interop patch for the respective version using the following steps.

1) Apply the patch driver in the interop patch using AutoPatch.

2) Run the jinit.sh script from the <patch_top>/<interop_patch_number>/fnd/patch/115/bin/ directory, against the web node of your middle tie.

The usage of the script is

jinit.sh <jversion>

Example: jinit.sh 13129
(If you are upgrading to version).

The script will return the appropriate file, or prompt you for the following values:

– Location of APPSORA.env file (This is located in APPL_TOP)

– Location of Context File (echo $CONTEXT_FILE will give the location of context file)

– Password for the APPS User in the database

This will make the necessary changes to the application system and JInitiator version is now upgraded.

You can bounce the services now and access the application. This will download the correct latest JInitiator version that you have upgraded to your local PC and it will install. You will be able to access the forms as well correctly.

You can verify the JInitiator version that you have upgraded by enabling the Jinitiator’s console as per the steps given in metalink note ID 124606.1.

Hope this helps !!


Metalink note ID 124606.1


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