MWA Service Management – Brief

MWA Service management – Brief

MWA is mobile web application. Using this we can have our applicaiton on mobile. MWA service is used in E-Business suite is for running the applicaiton on mobile. There are very few parameters that needs to be configured for this and we can start MWA service to be used on our mobile.

If we see context file we have a parameter named s_mwastatus which has to be enabled in order to use this service.

(oa_service_status oa_var=”s_mwastatus”)enabled(/oa_service_status)

Other then this, there will be a MWA port on which the service can be started. For ports we have two configuration, one is the telnetl port where we can start the service. If we have multiple telnet ports then we can have a dispatcher port which can load balance the telnet ports.

You can find the telnet port entry in context file as given below.

(mwaTelnetPortNo oa_var=”s_mwaTelnetPortNo” oa_type=”DUP_PORT” base=”10200 step=”6 range=”6 increment=”2 separator=”,” showall=”true” label=”MCSA Telnet Server Port”)10290,10292,10294(/mwaTelnetPortNo)

In E-Business suit we have the configuration file for MWA located at below path


The important configuration setting in thie configuration file is as give below.

DBC file path
mwa.DbcFolder=(Path to $FND_SECURE)

telnet port

Dispatcher port

Log directory path
mwa.logdir= (Log dir path)

Log file name
The above parameters are self explainatory. Also some explaination is provided in config file.

You can use any port which is greated then 1024 and that is not used by any other service and you can start your service on that port. But make sure you make the same port entry in context file and mwa.cfg, else when autoconfig runs it will update mwa.cfg with the port number form context file and your service may not run.

You can start the services by going to $INST_TOP/admin/scripts and running following command

For Telnet port: start (port number) &

For Dispatcher port: start (port number) &

MWA URL will be
telnet http://(server name):(telnet port)
telnet http://(server name):(dispatcher port)

Example: telnet://

You can use either telnet port or dispatcher port to log into the application. if dispatcher port is used, it will do load balancing.


3 thoughts on “MWA Service Management – Brief

  1. That nice you have putted mobile apps basics. How do we know which user is connected to which node of MT tier if i have multi node config?

    1. Hi Prashanth,

      I have two nodes and on both nodes MWA has to be configured. I am using H/W load balancer also. I would like to know thru hardware load balancer url how can I connect to the MWA. What All configuration i have to do.

      Thanks in advance,


  2. Dear Sir/Mada;

    I have done the MWA setup in the PC.Its workig fine.Same thing I want to setup in the Windows Mobile 6.5 version.How we can do this.Please help me this.I am very eager to do this.I am Mobile Developer.

    I am looking forward your reply.

    Please Help me


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