Error while opening log files from CM form

Some times when we make a concurrent request and try to view the log file after complition of request (may be completed normal or some error) from the concurrent manager form we get following type of error

An error occurred while attempting to establish an Applications File Server connection with the node FNDFS_(Your env_name)_(Your_Server_name). There may be a network configuration problem, or the TNS listener on node FNDFS_(Your env_name)_(Your_Server_name) may not be running. Please contact your system administrator.

In this case you need to set one profile which will fix this issue. You need to set the value for RRA: Service Prefix to FNDFS_(Your_Env_name)_.

This can be done using navigation Profiles –> system.


4 thoughts on “Error while opening log files from CM form

  1. Hi

    iam new to this kind of error.

    can you please give me an example like FNDFS_ to what environment i need to set.

    plz help me out.


    1. Logon to System Administrator Responsibility –> Profile –> System

      In the profile query the following:

      a) “RRA: Enabled” should be set to “Yes”

      b) “RRA: Service Prefix” should be null-ed out , no spaces allowed

      After making the changes, Log-out and Login back and retest the issue.

      Wissam Hasrouny

  2. I’m having this issue too. I’ve tried what you suggested above but the issue persists. Are there any other causes to this problem?


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