Problem Statement
Error Messages:
CSTPACIN.COST_INV_TXN: (70): ORA-20100: File o0086078.tmp creation for FND_FILE failed. You will find more information on the cause of the error in request logSolution
In this case we need to check following 3 things

1) Check the UTL file parameter in DB side. Compare it with the APPLPTMP parameter on application side. Both this should match.

2) The file path mentioned in these 2 parameters should contain the space and permissions.

3) Check also the parameter APPLTMP

Please note that, following parameters should be in synch.


Set the same path correctly for all these variables in context file (APPL_TOP/admin/.xml) and run autoconfig. This will resolve the issue.


ORA-12547: TNS:lost contact

Some time we come across the issue when trying to connect with database from the application side using apps as a user. This basically requires the listener to be up to make connection with database. We get error similar to
Cannot login to sqlplus using following userid/passwd.

sqlplus apps/apps@dbname.

Gives error
ORA-12547: TNS:lost contact
Error Messages:
ORA-12547: TNS:lost contact

In this case first check if the database listener is up or now. If the listener is up then check the sqlnet.ora file present in ORACLE_HOME/network/admin also can be reached using the environment variable TNS_ADMIN. This file contains 2 parameters, which restricts login to the database from the other hosts.

tcp.validnode_checking = yes

tcp.invited_nodes=(hostname1, hostname2, … )

This will allow entry from hostname1, hostname2 servers only. So if these values are commented and listener is bounced then this will resolve the issue.